About Us

Our startup E-VSE.TOP was established on March 02, 2021 by brothers Artem and Maksym Varhanych who are the graduates of Computer Systems Faculty of National Aviation University and “Business formula” brand owners.

Ким був створений Стартап
Ким був створений Стартап

Main idea

We saw that new businesses often have no opportunity to buy a low-cost and at the same time good-quality website. From the other side, cheap websites can’t be improved later on and the only option for those wanting a good website is to develop new website from scratch. Also we understood that developers does not want to maintain cheap solutions and the clients can’t make even simple changes on the website if they do not have special education.


That is why the following ideas were taken as the cornerstone of our Company: creation of a simple, basic solution of a good quality which technically allows further improvement; responsibility and care about the customer from the very beginning of an turnkey website creation and afterwards.

Company’s Goal

To help new businesses to prosper.

Social activity

The team has created and develops the volunteer project “Razom my vystoimo” (We’ll stand together)

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